Without properly functioning brakes, you cannot even dream of setting out in your car.

Imagine not being able to slow down when you see a car coming right in front of you! You would surely not want that.

We are proud of our skilled team of technicians that is capable of dealing with all kinds of brakes problems.

If you ever hear an unusual noise when you apply the brake or if you can feel your brake grinding and pulsating when you softly put your feet down on the brake, it is time that you get quickly to an expert and have him figure out what is causing the problem.

We offer a whole range of services, from the replacement or installation of rotors, brake hoses, brake hardware, calipers, master break cylinders and drums to the resurfacing of rotors and drums if that is needed.

In addition to this, we can also adjust and clean out your parking brakes and drum brakes. Furthermore, we can also exchange your old, contaminated or poisoned brake fluid and replace it with new fluid.

Our team is also trained to remove air from the brakes and repair your anti-lock braking system as well.

Call us on 8262 3836 or visit our repair shop at 220 Bridge Road, Pooraka 5095