The vehicles commonly used today contain a significant amount of computing power and electronics.

From the steering wheel to the brakes, to the air conditioning and the fuel injectors – nearly everything is now controlled by a computer.

These computers are fitted with sensors that can tell you if there is a problem within any of the systems. Dashboard warning lights are used to convey to the driver that there is a problem.

Several different problems can arise in the computer system of a vehicle. Sensors in the car will be able to tell you when there is a problem with the engine’s timing or the vehicle’s emissions or when the anti-lock braking system isn’t working properly.

If you find a light flashing or blinking, do not fret because we now provide computer diagnostics services in the Pooraka area.

Just bring in your car and our trained technicians will help you out.  Furthermore, our workers are also trained to identify and diagnose the main problem in the computerized systems.

After carrying out the required diagnostic tests, our technicians will then recommend exactly what needs to be done based on the problem at hand.

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