If you are looking for  transmission repairs in the Pooraka Area, you have come to the right place.

There are a variety of symptoms that you need to watch out for, which indicate that your transmission is worn out or damaged.

Some problems can simply be solved by making sure that you change the transmission fluid of the car regularly or get the transmission flushed regularly.

Even one small mechanical failure can cause your engine to completely shut down so the best thing would be to bring your engine to us as soon as your sight a troublesome symptom.

You might notice that the transmission is slipping into the gears when you are driving or putting the car back into neutral. In the neutral state, you might start hearing various humming and grinding noises.

In addition to that, you might smell an unusual smell of a fluid being burned. If your clutch is dragging (which means that it stays engaged and you hear grinding noises when you try to shift it), this is another troublesome sign.

Other symptoms include having a delay or lag between changes of the gear or hearing thumping or grinding when you are changing the gear instead of having a smooth movement.

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